Game Factory carts? Place Label here? Blue Chips?

Hi, Me again with another mysterious Genesis cart
. I recently visted a flea market in search of cheap sega games, when I came accross not one, but TWO odd looking genesis carts. They have a Standard red Genesis stripe on one side, and a solid blue box where the boxart would be, With the words "Game factory" printed on the bottom, the words "place label here" on the top, and quite a bit of what might be video rental sticker residue all over. Instead of a green connector at the bottom, its more a bluish hue. Weightwise, I'd say they are about as heavy as Phantasy Star 4. If you want a picture I'll get you one.

Neither do anything in my genesis. I get nothing but a black screen. I remember an old magazine article about re-writable cartridges made for video rental stores, perhaps I have stumbled on to some? If so, would I be able to use these carts with a ROM copier to play with?

Genesis Collective was so helpful XD
yo miles,have you found out what those carts are?

also where do you live?,my fle market has nothing good like that just
Did a little investigating and came up with this:

"The Game Factory was a system Blockbuster developed to make it easier to rent video games. They made carts with Flash ROM in them - 8, 16, and 32 mbits are known to exist (I have 16 and 32 mbit carts). Supposedly, the programmer was never built in bulk like the carts were... "

"Sega had a bit of a problem with the idea, and by the time Blockbuster and Sega worked out any differences, the Genesis was old. A small pile of the cartridges had been built, and were consigned to oblivion in a warehouse somewhere. Apparently, in cleaning out the warehouse, at least some Game Factory carts made it to stores. Most were sold at clearance prices, but then returned because they "didn't work" (they were blank carts - no game - blue screen when turned on) - and presumably thrown away. "

EDIT: Ha, didn't realize you posted another genesis collective page.
Just follow the Genesis Collective link I posted, Mine look like the Blue Cart except the Barcode lable is gone.

Thanks for that info, its very interesting. If I were to build a Cartridge Reader/Writer, would I be able to use it with my cartridges? Also, where could I get some info on making a cartridge writer? Thanks.

I live in Fresno, California. I bought these from a SNES game dealer. Most of his junk was overpriced, and he only had about ten Genesis games. But these were cheap, very cheap because they "didn't work"