Game Gear fade issue after cap kit.

I've capped three Game Gears and have finally hit a snag. I can turn up the brightness immediately, which brightens it up for a few seconds before fading away again until it's finally turned all the way up and completely faded. I believe that one of the caps I put in was bad, or my soldering skills failed me. My question is, which cap? I'd much rather just replace one cap than all of them in hopes of finding it. I wish I knew how to understand the schematics, but I can't really find a high enough quality one to read anyways.

Also, if it helps anyone else looking into an issue like this, my research has taught me that the caps hold a charge which can be adjusted with a potentiometer(the brightness dial). The fact that I can adjust it and it fills back up every time I hit the power button is what led me to believe I have a cap that's leaking it's charge.


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The service manual schematic shows five electrolytic capacitors in the brightness control circuit: C45, C47, C49, C54 and C55.