Gameshark/PAR question bout software?

recently picked upa gameshark an had a pc comms card layin round from while back, question is....

how do you get it to work on windows 2000?

heres the error i get


„ PlayStation AND Saturn Action Replay Comms Support Package - PC Software „

„ © 1995/1996 Datel Electronics Ltd. „


ECHO is off.

Which software would you like installed?

ECHO is off.

Press P for PlayStation

Press S for Saturn

Press N for neither (exit).

ECHO is off.

'choice' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

ECHO is off.


weird, anyone else got a solution, i know it works on my win 98 box but that shit doesnt have a VIVO hooked up to it an i dont do shit on that box
Try downloading just the version you need from EMS home page...

the problem is that 2000 is not recognizing the bat file as it should...


check the batch file and see what it does, do it yourself and run the proggie...

Although, It won't probably work under 2000... since the access to the devices is different.. I don't have 2000 at home, so I can't help any more
im pretty sure the software wont work on win2k since 2k doesn allow direct port access

i think its also looking for the dos commad choice, and win2k doesnt have it, although as Artemio Urbina said you can look at the batch file to find the program its trying to run
Why don't you do a boot win98 floppy disk? And use win98? This way you can make it work without getting many problems.