Genesis multiplayer games (> 2 players)


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Need to be completed :

ATP Tour Championship Tennis

Australian Rugby League

Barkley: Shut up and Jam!

Barkley: Shut up and Jam 2

Bill Walsh College Football

Coach K College Basketball

College Football USA '96

College Football's USA '97

College Football's National

College Slam

Columns III

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Gauntlet 4

ESPN National Hockey Night

FIFA International Soccer

FIFA Soccer '95

FIFA Soccer '96

FIFA Soccer '97 Gold Edition

FIFA Soccer '98 Road to the World Cup

General Chaos

IMG International Tour Tennis

Mega Bomberman

Micromachines 2

Micromachines 96

Micromachines Military

Mutant League Hockey

NBA Action '94

NBA Action '95



NFL '95

NFL Quarterback Club '96

NHL '94

NHL '96

NHL '97

NHL '98

Pele' II World Tournament Soccer

Pete Sampras tennis

Pete Sampras tennis 96

PGA Tour Golf

PGA Tour 96

PGA Tour Golf III

Prime Time NFL

Rugby World Cup '95

Street Racer

Super Skidmarks

Tiny Toon Adventures ACME All Stars

Triple Play '96

Wayne Gretzky All Stars

Winter Olympics: Lillehammer '94

World Cup USA '94



Yu Yu Hakusho

Zany Golf

this list looks quite comprehensive. The only 4 player game I knew of was nba jam but thats cause its on my megadrive box which is sitting on my lap as i type.
Here's a couple not on your list:

Crue Ball (5)

Lost Vikings (3)

Madden 95 (4)

Madden 96 (4)

PGA European Tour (4)

PGA Tour Golf 2 (4)

Puyo Puyo 2 (4)

Wimbledon Championship Tennis (4)

Winter Olympic Games (4)