GFS Functions


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Hey, I'm having trouble using the GFS directory functions.

In my code I've included the file sega.gfs.h.

My objects file looks like this:


SRCS = main.c

SYSOBJS = $(CMNDIR)/cinit.o $(SGLLDR)/sglarea.o

OBJS = $(SRCS:.c=.o)

LIBS = LIBS = $(SGLLDR)/sega_gfs.a -lcd -lsgl

But I still get this error when I try to compile:

gcc -m2 -L../../lib -Xlinker -T../common/sl.lnk -Xlinker -Map -Xlinker -X

linker -e -Xlinker ___Start -nostartfiles ../common/cinit.o ../../lib/sglarea.o

main.o LIBS = ../../lib/SEGA_GFS.A -lcd -lsgl -o sl.coff

gcc.exe: LIBS: file not found

gcc.exe: =: file not found

make.exe: *** [sl.coff] Error 1

I've copied both sega_gfs.a and sega_gfs.lib to the right lib directory. I'm really unfamiliar with the whole concept of linking objects together...any advice would be appreciated.
What version of SGL are you using? It looks like 3.02 just has the GFS functions in libcd.a. Anyway, if yours does actually have a separate sega_gfs.a, you might want to copy it to libgfs.a and change

LIBS = LIBS = $(SGLLDR)/sega_gfs.a -lcd -lsgl


LIBS = -lcd -lsgl -lgfs

I think it should also work to do

LIBS = -lcd -lsgl /path/to/wherever/sega_gfs.a