Gunstar Heroes Music

Hi I'm actually looking for mp3s of the music from the game Gunstar Heroes. Was wondering if anyone knew where. From what I'm hearing about these VQFs, even converting them to mp3s (assuming that's even possible) doesn't sound like it's worth it. Can anyone help me out?
Ok, I've notice about how you want to convert them. Unfortunly I have the same problem but there a way to get around this. Look for a player or a plug in (I have one for Winamp) but it would be pointless just to convert the VQF format into a MP3. It's silly if ya ask me. I would just do like I siad and leave them the way they are. Also I wish I was able to get them but now the FTP is down how the #### am I suposed to get them. WEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! :(