Am I the only one to find this game just riddled with bugs? Nothing is more annoying than finishing a difficult section and when you go to save your progress...BAM...it locks up and you're screwed!

Word to the wise to who own this game...SAVE OFTEN.
But that's what happens when you only have like 1 bugtester person.

My guess is that the PS2 version will be a lot less buggy (andmaybe won't use that shitty video codec)

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Although I beat the game without it freezing once. I imported it btw.

There's nothing wrong with the 4x movie format, good quality, it works, that's all that matters on a game.
i crashed it near the bit where you do the lelia training, by crashing the bike into the wall

ive heard people saying its quite easy to get accidentally caught between cars on the bike as well, with the result being the game locks

if your playing it save often, espically on the motorbike parts
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so am i to safely suppose its not up to the "MGS-killer" claim?

Well, nobody that I can remember called is an MGS Killer, but if somebody did, then no, it's not an MGS killer.
Well, aside from the bugs, I've found it to be a great game. I'd put it somewhere between syphon filter and MGS as far as gameplay. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a sequel.

Most of the bugs I've run into so far have to do with freezing. The most prominent I can think of is when I'm on the third floor of wolfpack hq at the sub-boss that says, "He was my brutha." If I die there and choose exit instead of continue, it would freeze at the sega logo. Another bug would be where I get stuck on the bike behind an object and the computer just moves me to an open spot on its own.

I wonder if some (not all) of these bugs aren't caused by the system overheating. My system froze once during a bike session and I noticed the unit was quite warm. I took it apart and I could have cooked bacon on the mainboard. And they've got these screwy plastic-type pads over both the main CPUs to keep the metal plate above them from touching the board. But those things have got to be absorbing some serious heat. I think I'll start a new post on DC cooling methods, see what people come up with.
I just don't like codecs where the video gets grainy like it does. When it comes for the PS2, it'd look a lot better in whatever MPEG2 standard it uses.