How much is it worth?

Someone I know (I wouldn't call him a friend, I don't know him that much) showed some interest in buying my 3DO. A year ago, I would have told him to forget about it, but now I'm not into collecting video games as much as before. Since my 3DO is collecting dust, I'm considering selling it.

This is a local sale, so please don't make me any offer. But I want to know your opinion on my lot's worth. He has not made me an offer yet, neither have I. I have looked around on the web, but prices vary greatly from place to place... and I don't consider E-Bay as a good indicator.

To cut it short (well... shorter), here's what I've got :

- Panasonic 3DO FZ-10 system : power cord included. No original audio-video cable. No box. I will probably include a NES RFU unit.

- 2 controllers: one regular and one turbo "6 buttons" controller.

- 9 games :

(with booklets and box in good condition : )

Corpse Killer

Wing Commander III

FIFA International Soccer

The Need for Speed

(with booklets and box in fair (flattened) condition : ) Killing Time

Samurai Shodown

(in a jewel case, with booklet : )

Alone in the Dark


(jewel case, no booklet : )

Road Rash

I'll probably give him CDR copies of Dragon's Lair and Neurodancer, but I can't charge him for that.

So, any idea of how much it would be worth?

For an FZ-10 with those games? I'd say about $50 - $70. Believe it or not, but auctions are about the best value gauge out there. The final bids for this kind of stuff usualy ends up about the same from one auction to the next. But you have to look at auctions that are over, looking at a current one will only give you a lower price.

I bought my FZ-1 with six games for $60 (including shipping). FZ-10's run a bit less than the FZ-1 (keeping in mind that the FZ-1 was originaly $700 whereas the FZ-10 started out at $350), but you've got a couple really good (though not rare) games there.