How much would you pay for a Sega Megajet?

50 bux 75 with NIW Dragonball game

I seen this same lot on ebay a few months back, apearently it didnt sell, I doubt it will sell this time around.
No1 will buy it ... the guy wants to sell 50 mega jets all together .. no1 needs 50 together .. and also hes asking for about $72 each .. my cousin went to singapore and boght 3.. he gave me one for $15 .. its very nice .. i recommended it but not for $72 . :)
Yea, it would be nice to have one, for collections sake, but not for the going price. I bought my 3DO for $15 mint with everything, as well as my model 2 sega cd/genesis, why would I pay more then $30 for a Megajet?
Yeah your right .. i know that this megajet system is deffinatly a collectors item and very rare one too .. but i wouldnt bother to pay the guy $72 minimum .. nomad is even better and you can find one in mint condition with 10-20 games for $40 ..

By the way .. i am looking for a Panasonic 3DO .. if you know where can i find a good one or even a new one lemme know .. Thanx ..
I wouldn't pay more than a nominal price for one. I'm a bit disillusioned with the "collector" mentality at the moment - I can get a MD2 for just a few pounds, so there's no point in forking out $$$ for something which does exactly the same thing (but is smaller and rarer).

i would want to get a nomad (im in canada) but only if i could also get some genesis games that ive always wanted, but now some of them are collectors items (ie shining force 1 and 2) so now there's no point cuz ill never want to spend so much money as to get the system and those games
I never find problem finding that kind of stuff .. i know many people that sell me collector items for normal price .. i know that i cut money on lots of stuff just to buy games .. but that what makes me happy ..

If you ask me .. i prefer to pay the money for other better things than those megajets .. erhhm ..