HUGE VG collection for sale... :(

Its a sad day for me. I have to sell most or all parts of my vg collection to be able to buy the laptopi will need and to cover study costs for the uni.

I am selling these stuff :


Jaguar with jaguar CD both in their boxes, the cd box is like new, jaguar box with small marks. The consoles are in a great shape both working and optically. Together i give 9 cd games (some are 1 week old) and 8 cartridges.

the games are :


Alien Vs predator



Tempest 2k

Iron soldier

Cybermorph 1 meg version

Cybermorph 2 meg version

Atari karts

Braindead 13


Tempest 2k soundtrack

Vid grid


Myst Demo



Blue Lightning

with the jaguar come 2 controllers AND the memory card for the jaguar cd.

This is pricey dudes. Finding all of these and shipping almost each of them independently costs. Also, try to learn how much a new jag and jag cd costs.

This isnt going anywhere unless i get my hands on 300 Euros. the price is debatable of course. Dont hesitate to contact me.

2)Mega cd

Mega drive 2 with Mega cd 2.

Used but great condition for both. No boxes. Together, i give 3 original games (soulstar,ecco,sewer shark).

This package includes 2 controllers of the old type and 2 controllers of the new 6 button type, genesis 3 style STILL in their boxes.

It has a RCA cable so you can hook it up your tv with great picture quality. We are talking about the original cable here. This goes for 100 Euros


cd-i 450 (the console like) with the VCD cartridge to play vcd, with 2 player cord and a trackball. There are 2 original cds, 7th guest is the one. There is also the Gamegun and Mad dog Mc cree.

I have the operating manual for both the console and the vcd cartridge but no boxes. Only the gun has box.

Always PM me for more information and for anything i might have forgotten to add. 100 Euros (pm me to discuss this)


PAL fz-10 3do, with 5-6 original games (captain quazar, gridders, fifa, immercenary, hell, starblade, phoenix, need for speed). has 2 controllers, the genuine 3do one and the 6 button one, with a removable mini joystick to help fighting games. The 3do has its operating manual.

Always pm me for more detailed info and to discuss the prices

this has to go at 100 Euros.

6)Amiga cd

amiga cd32 in GREAT shape with its plastick anti dust cover with a bigger and better power supply so it can support hard disks, fdds, SX1 and other.

it has a hard disk installed as well the SX1 add on with a floppy drive and everything the sx1 can support.Keyboard commodore, quickshot joystick, commodore mouse with an adaptor for ps2. There are 20-30 original cds, most are game compilations, there is also the game microcosm original of course in its original box. Together are operating manuals and photo cd operating system.

The SX1 alone has at least 150 euros by itself, if you are lucky enough to find one of course. It was the hardest thing to find.

150 euros. PM me for more info and everything else first.

7)Game gear.

game gear with flawless screen, changed by me some time before. It is in pristine condition... it has the TV tuner, which suports video in!!! thre is 1 game with it, the 4 in one. i am not giving it for less than 100 euros, and be sure that you wont find such a good condition game gear with the tv tuner for this price.



I am giving away my dreamcast too. It is a pal unit, BOXED as new, the box has NO wear at all. It includes the VGA box, the official keyboard and mouse and the arcade stick. It also has a memory unit AND the rumble pack (n64 talking). Everything is official. Everything is boxed. I also have the official rgb cable and the RF cable. It has 1 controller. It comes with 1 original game, mortal kombat gold.

This isnt going anywhere without 150 euro since it is in new condition and most accressoried used no more than twice or more.

9) There is also a VIRTUAL BOY with a shitload of games..

and it japanese box of course. If anyone is interested pm me please, so i can count and tell you the games. The games are ~20 and the price is 300 Euros.


I can provide pictures for all of them. pm me for more info and to discuss pricing and shipping. Also, as for the prices, before someone starts flaming me for high prices, please check ebay and stores first. Most of these items are out of stock for years, and your only chance to buy them is from greedy "scene supporters"out there. I just wish i had the money i need so i didnt have to sell all these, but i just cant. I hope i can give something here, so i dont have to place all these on ebay.
oops, the virtual boy is in its japanese box and it has 20 cartridges, some still in the plastic wrap, unopenend. The vb is in great shape and has no problem at all. its price is 400 Euros (its an almost complete collection).

As for the mega cd, the price is 150 euros, with the 2 6 button pads and the 2 normal pads, both official, the rca cable and the 3 original games.

All prices are open for discussion on pm only though. i dont want to fill up the forum with offers.
i would like to buy the dreamcast but not some of the accessories....mainly speaking the game, keyboard and mouse, are u willing to part with the others? thanx
the game, keyboard and mouse eh? No. i cant part anything because i am in a rush and i dont want to keep a single thing. Dont forget you can run linux with the keyboard and mouse, and games like quake 3 and unreal tournament. Why not sell them yourself if you want the dreamcast? I can assure you however that once you play these games with these you wont want to part with them. they have been especially useful in a couple of internet game sessions i had.

If you still have problems tell me. I might be able to give you a lower price.. pm me about this.


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I'd be interested in buying individual virtual boy games... and maybe the system... but not all of that... and especially not at that price lol.

Take this as an example, you whole Jaguar package isn't worth above US$280

even when Braindead 13, Atari Karts and Tempest 2000 are not very common...
ok dude. Good luck finding a NEW jag cd at a price smaller than 189$. I f you really can tell me where to buy one. Cause i bought it new. I dont know if you are an insider of the jag community but if you are you would know the price is ok. I had offers at a higher price from guys whithin the jag comm. I just have to finish the deal. I know the prices are steep. Try to find all of these on ebay (Especially ebay europe where I found them) and combine the prices with shipping and then let me know again, if the prices are steep. I dont expect to sell these to everyone, but to only those who are gonna collect for a system and dont want or dont have the extra money needed to get all of them at once.
Originally posted by Scared0o0Rabbit@Jul 18, 2003 @ 03:19 PM

I'd be interested in buying individual virtual boy games... and maybe the system... but not all of that... and especially not at that price lol.

the price can be discussed dude. PM me if you want to do that.
I changed prices cause i am in a bit of a hurry. The priced are no longer negotiable of course, and remember, NO SPLIT. Either buy them as they are or dont. If i wanted to split them i would do it ebay style and make more $$$.

I am waiting for your offers, either on PM or here :smash
is the cd-i pal or nstc?

also the virtua boy for 300 euros ? thats defiantly not worth that much - i got one off ebay for 23$ and 4 games and felt i over paid and the rest of the bid is saw were relative
yeah, 300. Its an ALMOST complete collection. Doesnt this mean anything? A saturn with almost all its games (original) wouldnt cost the same as a saturn with 50 and 100 games right? Dont forget that some games for the vb are REALLY rare and not found easily these days (as a japanese weird one i saw going for 1500$). this is a collection dude. You speak for ebay usa. I can surely tell you that in ebay uk a boxed virtual boy with some games (lets say 5-6) goes usually for 70-120 pounds. I have seen vbs going for this price for a year now. As for if its worth or not thats very relative to everyone's taste. Lets say that its the machine that is NEVER going to be emulated succesfully. Dont forget that all of its games are boxed and some still new in box unopened. :D

as for the cd-i, its pal, as everything else in my collection of course.
Are you wishing to part the Jaguar Stuff?

I do have a Jaguar NTSC so a PAL Jaguar isn't what I need. I want the Jaguar CD, I believe the Jaguar CD Unit has no PAL/NTSC Restrictions??? Of course with the Jaguar Memory Card. I got some 9 Jaguar CD games recently in eBay and I'm looking for a CD Unit, I trust yours is almost new as you say! I only need to know:

1) If a Jaguar Cd has region restrictions (PAL /NTSC) and therefore could be used with a NTSC Jaguar

2) If you are willing to part the bundle and sell me the CD.

It's a pretty good deal, you still will have the console and games for sell.

So what do you say?
well, i cant tell you yet. Thats because i had an offer for the whole package. If it doesnt work out then i will let you know asap. Both the Jag and the Jag cd are universal, the only thing changed is the power supply which can be bought for 2-3$.The condition i told you, is like new. Once again, i will try to give it as a package. If this fails, i will seriously consider giving the cd to you. You will receive a pm in the next week, or so.
Gamegear for me plz! :)

PM me if u still have it.

BTW is the 100 € already with the P&P prices in? :) That would ROCK!