I cant believe nobody is talking about

where are all the sega dreamcast fans at? probably playing XBOX!!! why is there no topic on IKARUGA? did anybody get their game in yet. well I got mine a few days ago and its awsome. a little on the hard side, but its fun! ill be playing it all weekend. share your thoughts on this great game. and dont bitch about the black borders on the sides.
Dude! Check the boards! There's a hella lot of them. Quite frankly, I'm not interested in it much, that's why I've been staying away from the DC board lately. But.. if you look hard enough (don't even need to look hard) you'll see tons of them.

I've been playing NCAA 2K2 all night anyway.

BTW, You gotta prob with XBox? Xbox is pretty badass.
I have an XBOX, i meant everyone is playing xbox because sega's games are coming out on the system. i cant wait for panzer dragoon orta! i looked back a couple of pages, and no one is talking about how awsome or how they do or do not like the new gameplay system. the graphics are really sweet.