I love my Saturn


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Busted my third Saturn today doing the damned 50/60hz and country mod. It seems that I can do any other (often more difficult) mod perfectly well, but the Saturn ones just seem to go wrong for some reason. At the end of this partcular one, I ended up with an on/off switch which controlled the power, with no video at all. How the hell that happened is beyond me. Think I'm just going to get a Japanese Saturn and an import cart.. Much less stressful that way. And the white ones look cooler
. Plus no more Saturns will send themselves to the graveyard out of spite towards me

Sorry for the pointless post, just wanted to whinge a bit.
ouch. sucks for you...

so you really want it to run all three countries? because the region mod for jp/na is way easier...
I'm in PAL-land which is why I'm bothered about getting the mod done. Can't stand 50hz borders. I was just going for the JAP/PAL switch and 50/60hz. Not particularly difficult, but for some reason the only time I feel like doing mods is at 6am after no sleep. At that time in the morning, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose ???
I've gone through 3 Saturns too... Just had to say that.

But, these just died... Didnt have a chance to mod any of them.

Saturn 1 - Failed to read CD's after 5 months of use.

Saturn 2 - Power Supply blew up?!?

Saturn 3 - A component on the back of the mobo burned out.

There's my pointless post, in this (so called) pointless thread
I guess I'm pretty carefull, I've 2 saturns, all of them working well...

Both saturns are PAL, one of those has *permanently* became a NTSC/European saturn
I didn't made a switch I just soldered it to NTSC settings and that's it...

At first I though it wouldn't make much difference, but as soon as I booted up some ntsc games I had around, WOW! That's what I call playing games.... I was really tired of those borders.. and as I am almost 24h a day staring at pc's monitor at 85Hz, when I powered on my PAL tv at 50Hz it almost hurted my eyes... :
Cheaper than buying a boxed japanese Saturn from someone in the UK.. They go up to around £100 before shipping. This one is around £80 with 4 games including shipping, so not too bad. Makes you want to go shopping in Japan though
I guess I just have to look at it from a slightly different angle...

The Space Harrier boardset I bought cost much more.

And it only plays the one game.