Infered ports on laptops

Well who says it can ONLY be used for printers, lan, or direct connect....I know when I use a remote by it, the IR NOTICES something is trying to talk to it...

i mean isnt there some program out there that can make it be like a tv, radio, or something ir port? After all those universal ones do same thing...I figure this can do same with software...
Why would you want to use your laptop as a remote?

It's big and bulky and also you have to point the ir port at the tv from not that far away. Im not sure if the IR port on the laptop is strong enough to go a distance of ~10ft. Best to use a remote
It can't go past three feet, actually. Well, the strength of the signal is exponetially reduced past three feet. And any thing even remotely in the way of the IR port will mess up the signal.

I use it fairly often to do laptop to laptop data transfer, and playing multiplayer games on the laptop (ie Grand Theft Auto).
I use it to transfer data between my laptop and cell phone , also you can use the cell phone as a modem .
I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I use this with my PB fast media ir reciever,

I use it to control winamp, and try to use it with ati media player, as well as common windows functions.

edit: there are several plugins for different ir recievers.

And I can use any tv remote on it as long as it's ir
Ok at first glance that link looks interesting! (I USED to have a serial interact remote (Web whell and internet mouse with remote) Left it at home since compaq didnt have one.....hope to play with it again soon)

Ok thats remote to PC. Any outgoing software? Also dont ask WHY I want it, Just let me know if there IS something
I plan to have fun....also use it to control my portable dvd player...
First link sucks..

2nd MIGHT work but seems no proggie does win2000....I mean I could MOST LIKLEY work it on Win98 but that doesnt help since I use 2000...still I love this forum =)
Originally posted by Hatecrime69@April 30 2002,20:29

Wow! I think i found something that will work with these two packered bell remotes that were given to me

Yeah I had bought my packard bell fast media remote at a computer show for 5 bucks last summer, and it came with some crappy ass software, and i ended up not using it until a few weeks ago when I actually looked for better software and found girder.
it's nice, mine just has up down left right designated mouse movement buttons

i'd like to sit back when I get on the web on the computer, but it's an inconvenience changing the resolutions on the pc, even with hot keys.
This you can program to do that all! I have 2 of these....just in the USA...=(

I want it again! Would help me since this laptop doesnt have my "play" button for mp3s and dvds.
I MUST be nuts...just won bid for that remote....LOL.

Lets review now.

One this remote is a mouse, macro programmer, and internet ready with its own IR port using serial.

Uses? Ir reciver can work withe the programs above, I can program my remote, still use my normal mouse, set it up for mp3s and my games, and so on....(AOE2 rocked when this was programed as it DOES have some game layouts) anyways thx all for making me find this again! LOL