Internet Free Access?


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can i use netzero or some free internet service to get online with my DC? if so, where can i get info on this, i know i have heard about it. thanks


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there are some ways but most are rather complicated, also since started charging $10 US a month to play all online games (except PSO v1, thats the only game that is still free now) the only thing a free isp will do is let you surf on your DC for free, and in that case you might as well stick with your PC for that

now if i could only remember the website that covered free isp's for DC!!


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This may help too...

*note:*look at the sidebar on the left where the links to different pages of the site are supposed to may not see them because the link colour is the same as the background colour so just highlight then click)

Zero 9

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Very horrible looking when you're in IE, but it's not bad.

Actually, there are tons of games that still work without pay. Only ones that support login names and stuff actually need that $10 a month fee. Many of the best games are pay to play only though :.


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how about alien front online???

unreal tourney??

someone should make a compat list of the games that work for free


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Juno works great and is pretty easy to set up. Go to to do it. You need a PC to set it up (if you dont use PC that is...go to the library.) Once you get the info, you can use juno for pretty much anything that can go online. As for games that play onlin, right now you can play all of it free except for the games made by Visual Concepts (the sports games and Ooga Booga), otherwise the rest should still be free.