JSRF .... Strange Collectable Tape Things?

I've been playing Jet Set Radio Future for a bit now, and I keep collecting these strange Orange/Yellow cassette tape things in game... What do they do?

I thought they might give me extra music tracks, but, they dont so, what then..... ?????

The manual says nothing about them.
They list in the GG Notebook the impossiable goals you must do in order to unlock some of the graffiti souls in the level.

I mean it, 1,000,000 points in Shubuia Terminal? Comon, that's nuts...
Cheers for that

Aint much point in collecting them really is it!?! I can barely grind for more than a couple of seconds, so, 1,000,000 points, is gunna be impossible........
Well collecting the tapes and getting the graffiti souls they hint at, help so you can unlock Clutch (you need a certain number of graffiti souls for him to show up).

The goals aren't really that hard... well maybe the ones with the japanese in them, anyone know what the hint is in Shibuya Terminal? it's something like "14 (japanese characters) platforms without falling". I thought it meant jumping from every bus stop awning thing without falling, (there's exactly 14 of them).