AFAIK, in order to believe in karma as such, it's necessary to believe in the Hindu system of reincarnation. In that sense, I don't believe in karma. I do believe that good things tend to happen to "good" people, and bad things tend to happen to "bad" people (which is a more informal definition of "karma"). This is not an entirely unique belief; several religions have some variation of the "Golden Rule". The idea that parts contrary to the health of the whole should be (or will inevitably be) expelled, disabled, or destroyed also exists in various fields at many levels. I don't think of it as any kind of divine justice or other "higher power", but rather as a complex system of cause and effect.
the post is general you could interpret karma either way general or in the hindu belief doesn't matter to me. All i know is everybody should treat everybody as if they were you(i really don't believe that but what ever the #### i don't care).
I don't believe in destiny or a set path for that matter, but I do believe that what goes around comes around.. I think I take it too seriously tho, as I get the "you're a nice guy" too dang much. Everyone says you have to be a jerk to get the girl, EVERYONE, but I just can't do it, as I am a genuinely benevolent dude.... maybe it's time I start living by something else.....
Yes I belive in it HOWEVER I do not belive in fate, time, or destiny. I HATE people who think time is linear and can not control it. I belive that one can control their fate, bend time to go faster or slower when its needed and so on. (You notice it when you say time is flying by and other times its so slow, now imagine if you controlled that)
What I think is funny is when christians claim they believe in some type of karmatic system. That actually goes against the basis of christianity (ask for forgiveness and you will be forgiven like it never happened). It's just kinda funny how dumb they are...
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(You notice it when you say time is flying by and other times its so slow, now imagine if you controlled that)

I just did a study on this for my Experimental Psychology course. I ran the experiment yesterday so I haven't had time to analyze the data yet. I used different levels of stimuli and the circadian rhythm as variables. Not very in depth, but I might explore it more for my final senior project.

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I don't believe in karma, but I do believe that the human mind is capable of simulating it to an extent... once you've had some bad luck, you inadvertently create more. Same with good luck.

Yes Karma is real. How many good people do you know who are unhappy? How many evil people do you know who are happy?

BTW - gofamon I'm assuming your Indian...ever listen to DJ Karma? He rules =)