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Kronos 1.6.0 : Happy new year...

Discussion in 'News' started by Benjamin Siskoo, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Benjamin Siskoo

    Benjamin Siskoo New Member

    Kronos 1.6.0 :

    • Features : Migration to OpenGL Core 4.2 for better desktop compatibility and tesselation support on all recent GFX cards.
    • Features : Debug VDP1 & VDP2 are back.
    • Misc : fixed bkram.bin (Panzer Dragon, Story Of Thor and others) (Barbudreadmon).
    • Misc : new kronos.exe icon (François Care).
    • Misc : fixed video filters (François Care).
    • Misc : fixed FPS counter (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : Advanced World War Sennen Teikoku No Koubou : Last Of The Millennium : fixes lines on the book (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : AI Igo : fixes a missing vertical line on the board (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : Beach De Reach: fixed transparency problem with dialogs. (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : Defcon 5 : fixed missing wall in game (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers & Ronde - Otameshi-You (Demo) : fixed missing FMV (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna - Mika Akitaka Illust Works : fixed the missing press start screen (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : Hi Octane : fixed missing ships in game (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : Ippatsu Gyakuten - Gambling King E No Michi : fixed a GFX problem with dialog (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : J. B. Harold - Blue Chicago Blues : fixed a transparency problem on the menu (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : Joshikousei no Houkago. Pukunpa : fixed missing portraits background (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : Langrisser I & II (Dramatic Edition) : fixed white rectangle o*n the menu (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : Magical Night Dreams - Cotton 2 : fixed missing cliffs in game (François Care).
    • Saturn Emulation : Scorcher : fixed the line in the pause menu (François Care).
    • STV Emulation : Guardian Force : fixed GFX problem with the background in game (François Care).
    • Translation : added several strings (Benjamin Siskoo).
    • Translation : updated french translation (Benjamin Siskoo).
    • Translation : spanish translation (LuismaSP89).

    You can get it from this link :
    There is an English forum here :
    Kronos github :
    Compatibility List :
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  2. paul_met

    paul_met New Member

    Where can I post a bugs report? In this thread?
  3. Benjamin Siskoo

    Benjamin Siskoo New Member

    Check the link in the bottom of the post.
  4. cafe-alpha

    cafe-alpha Member

    Happy new year too !!!
    The changelog is impressive ! Bon courage (with baguette accent) in the continuation of the development :)
  5. Benjamin Siskoo

    Benjamin Siskoo New Member

    Hello cafe-alfa,

    Thanks for your kind words. You're a french guy living in Japan ? Arigato gozaimasu ^^

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