Leona’s Tricky Adventures could be released in 2014


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Some of you may remember another Dreamcast game that took to Kickstarter in 2013, Leona’s Tricky Adventures by KTX Software (Redux : Dark Matters) was an unsuccessful pledge but progress continued via their website and although things went very quite, the game was apparently being beta tested during this time and is nearing release. It’s not clear, however if this is a download or physical retail release of the game, we would assume that it is indeed the disc-pressed version of the game that can be purchase either now from the companies website or upon release.

Dreamcast Today urge all Dreamcast owners to grab a copy of this game since it retails for only 25 Euros. The game seems to be a real labour of love for KTX Software and it’s commendable that they are still releasing it across Android, iOS, Amiga and Dreamcast platforms.

The original Kickstarter page can be found here :


Order your copy of the game from here :

Source : http://dreamcasttoday.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/leonas-tricky-adventures-could-be-released-in-2014/