Makefile creation help!

Hey everyone, so anyways I just installed Msys2 and the yaul toolchain on my pc, but here is the problem if I want to compile my own code for the Saturn, how do I write my own makefile!
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There's plenty of tutorials out there for making C Make files, just use google. But honestly why do you need to make your own? Just modify the existing ones in the examples to fit your needs.
Update on the situation: so i edited the makefile and it went well but when I launch it in the emulator it say illegal exception or some error like that. also is printf Available for the sega Saturn?


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Similar to the issues you've opened on GitHub for libyaul (and other projects), I've asked you to provide detailed information regarding your issues.
Well, now it just shows me a black screen after the Saturn boot up. I think I added dbgio_printf(”hello, world!”) and another dbg io statement after that it compiles perfectly. Idk what to do about this situation.