Medieval Prophecy


I and some friends are making a new RPG for Sega Saturn. The production name of it is Medieval Prophecy and when we have finished it Gooddealgames ( will release it and sell it for us. There is only a small problem: What i wonder is if someone knows ANY way of burning a normal CD-R so that a normal Saturn can play it (whitout swapping or using a mod chip). If this is possible, please reply and tell us how.

Here is some info about our project:

We are making a game for Pc that we will convert to Saturn (we need help with this also but that is a later question). It will be a Phantasy Star / Lunar / Shining Wisdom style rpg. Here is a screenshot from it : This screenshot is a little old, the game looks better now.

Here is some of the features the game has now:

A very huge, detailed 2d world with many sprites and animated objects.

An advanced fighting system with many spells and special attacks.

Lots of NPCs / Items / Enemies / Bosses / and such

A dating system (soon to be implented)

Shops / Wandering Merchants

An Airship

Animal life : butterflys fly around and such

+ Lots of other functions!

We hope that this game will be great. And we really hope that it will be another great Saturn RPG!

The Medieval Prohecy team.

Daniel : Whe, that was a lot to write. If you have any questions about our project, please email me.
i think a good point to be made is that if....and i say if, we could use cdrs in our saturns without modchips or swap, we would be doing that...there is no way to get around the copywrite track

someone did have a good idea, that you use a laser cutter to take the copywrite part and put it onto your game, but not very economical
Well, there is no *known* way around the security check.

I know that GDG wants to be able to do this. However, without a license from Sega it would likely be a copyright infringement to publish Saturn games anyway, because of another element of Saturn's boot protection - it requires a Sega-copyrighted bootstrap program to be present on the CD. Sega CD is the same way, and GDG doesn't seem to be licensed by Sega. Apparently they're banking on Sega not caring about unlicensed commercial publication of games on their systems...

nope i think sega will just give them a few advanced copies of their gamecube games too...cuz they like the copywrite infringement so much
Ok, but if you get the copyright, then you can burn a cd. Hmm, wonder if Sega want to give out that copy protection code freely, but why wouldn´t they, Tec Toy must use it, and they shureley have the license.
Sounds great! Is that done using C++? It looks very much like the same kinda style of the games I make with RM2K, here's a picture of the intro to one of my games:


But the program to make that with is pretty streight forward compared to proper programming codes..
Hey, thanks Skankin! :) I feel like I've cheated though, as there is very little skill, other than learning the program in what I madem well compraed to the C code thing anyway..

Oh, and here's another image from a different RPG I was making about the members of a forum I work at. It looks a bit crappy, especially the left picture, but that left ones a war, so it looks much better when played as there are fights and special effects and stuff happening....

Yeah, I can release a demo at any time... but I haven't bothered, as if you don't have the prgram to make it, I have to attach this thing called the RTP files, which adds an extra 10Mb to the filesize... which may not sound like much, but my internet's dead slow, so it'd take like 3 hours to upload... :( Plus, the games the screen shots are from are only about 10 minutes long. My friends making a side view battle system instead of the defualt first person view one like from "Eye of the Beholder" (if anyone remembers that). So I haven't botered getting to far into the game until he sorts out the battles.. but if ya want, i'll make a quick style demo up soon. I have one game that's about 30 minutes + so far, but it's my first game, so it's not as well programmed as the others....