menacer issues

I recently got a 2nd hand menacer, but am having issues.

Yhe on screen reticle shows up in roughly the correct place, but when I shoot it shoots either to the right top or bottom corners, I have read online others having same issue but no fixes or reasons

I tried using 2 CRT tvs a 14" 4:3 and a 28" wide screen, both work fine with the laser phaser (sms) and ps1/2, Saturn and DC lightguns. I have tried at distances between 4 and 6 feet, seems strange it aims correctly until you fire

I tried it on both my megadrive 1 and mega drive 2, using both rgb scart and composite.

Can see red in gun barrel and the two ir on both the gun and receiver on camera.

In pest control I can move the flash light around and it moves and lights up the expected part of the screen but as soon as I pull the trigger it aims and fires to the top right!

I have ordered a replacement capacitor pack to replace the caps in the menacer and the receiver from a website in the US (I'm from UK) but may take a while to arrive. Not even sure if that's the issue.

Only other thing I can think of replacing in the the two IR diods in both the menacer and the receiver, but they seem to work when looked at through a camera.

Only other issues I can think of is sensor in the gun (where the red light comes from) not sure what's hiding in there or the state if of the components as its got a metal shield around it.

Anyone had these issues and fixed it, seems a common issue but have not seen any fixes