I'm not sure if I'm allowed ask this but here goes anyway. Could anyone tell me where is the most reputable place to buy a dreamcast mod-chip? I want to enable backups and imports without disc-swapping. Cheers guys
boot disc is ok when you only need to play few imports but when you have over 100+ import it gets annoying. Mod chip is handy in that regard as you just stick in what ever disc and it will just play...

Boot disc is most easy if you don't mind swapping, but since you say you don't wanna just search google for dreamcast mod-chip or dreamcast 4 wire mod chip and you'll find some.

it's nice they are sold for pretty cheap. usually about $15, but once i saw it for as cheap as $4! I wish i remember that place. I would mod my dreamcast but you have to solder 4 wires, some of which is of the pins on the black chip things (whats the real name for those? and if anyine has the time, what do they do?) and i'm afraid to solder to those caus ei ruined my saturn that way.
mine also had 4 wire and it wasn't that hard. I even managed to solder one wire to wrong IC pin and resolder to the correct pin later with no harm..

maybe I got lucky I suppose.