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Halo has managed to sell one million copies!

Panzer Dragoon X has Surfaced! At least to journalists it has...Sadly NDA's keep us from knowing more about is at least SOME info on it... Forum&topic=

In Japan, the DC outsold Xbox last week...OUCH! On the other hand...Go DC! At least Microsoft is managing a high tie-in ratio to each system sold. Perhaps Halo will have an effect on sales over there when its released (doubt it though). Am I the only one whose tired of their snooty attitude toward American products? Oh well, at least they don't find our currency to be inferior, huh?
they don't like americans and there shit ever since 45 cuz they got bombed once and got bombed again to tell the soviets to fuck off. i think they have a right to have some angst against inferior products. #### i want to own a japanese electronics shop *drools*
Am I the only one whose tired of their snooty attitude toward American products?

There are still American products? I thought they had all been outsourced to Mexico, China, and Indonesia by now...
Yeah, i mean, we buy their crap all the time and then they run away and hide when we introduce something that can ACTUALLY compete with their shit. You can dish it out but can't take it, huh Japan? ;)
I wonder what the names abreviation stands for PDO (Not Panzer Dragoon Online), maybe it stands for "Panzer Dragoon Onrails" or "Panzer Dragoon Offline" or "Panzer Dragoon Outlaw", who knows. What do you all think the "O" could stand for?
Why the #### should someone in Japan buy the Xbox?

To play Halo?Since when do Japanese gamers like games like this?Most of the folks bought a Xbox to play Jet Set Radio Future and Dead or Alive 3 and thats it..

With the PS2 bombing hits monthly in Japan a starting console has no chance in selling....even the Gamecube can't compete to the PS2 in Japan...the Gamecube has the Resident Evil Series,the Mario and Zelda games,and don't forget the GBA to keep them in good shape....

Maybe the Xbox can compete in hardware but the Software is more than poor....