most beutiful -visualy and auditory apealing

what do you guys think is the most beutiful anime you have seen (music with animation - something that has alot of eye and ear candy [at the same time] for you)

some on my list are

heroic legend of arslan

X - movie

memories (magnetic rose)

labrynth tales (just something about it is realy apealing to me especialy the intro skit)
"X" is probably one of my favorites for the dark artistry and gothic mood that it presents.

On top of that one though would be "Ghost In The Shell" for the technical wizardry behind the cyberpunk weapons and visual sequences.
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what do you guys think is the most beutiful anime you have seen (music with animation - something that has alot of eye and ear candy [at the same time] for you)

J/K!!! ^^;
umm you didn't spell beautiful right.. second why do we keep having braindead posts such as "Whats your fav this" "what intros this" "what is the best drawn" "best acted" I admit I did have a thread like one of these but It is just old... Every forum does this and it's like if we don't have that much of a life to keep reading this stuff and thats all we have to talk about just to keep talking going... then that's sad.
well jaded god uh if you can see no one else is posting much anyway so i think any attempt to get someone talking is fine -

ive always misspeled beutiful

- its been pretty dead around here i was just trying to talk about something i like -

also my goal with this post was to find an anime i havent seen which has qualities i like (well actualy am in the mood for)

and what else are you going to talk about in anime except - opinions

also if you have a problem with posts like this why don't YOU post something YOUR happy with and try to start up a conversation - instead of complaining

I genuenly wanted to know what others have saw that they would put in this kind of catagory

sure id like to start a post on why i feel that the warsaw philharmonic is the best choice to score any anime -- but no one will know what im talking about so therefore i wont post it
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Yeah, Akira is very good. I haven't read the manga, though, so I can't compare

I love Masakazu Katsura's work (especially I"s and Video Girl Ai), but the Video Girl anime is only average and I haven't seen the movie with real actors. It must be weird!
I just picked up Metropolis recently and it has some very beautiful visuals. Admittedly the best looking stuff isn't traditional anime (it's CG), but damn, it's teh b00ty.
A lot of the recent anime's i've seen as of late have great animation, Metropolis being one such as described by Curtis above. But as for sheer's still Princess Mononoke. God the music and the visuals together like that...what exhasperated expression can i use without sounding cliche?

Spirited Away is also brilliant...I'm sure you've all heard about the train trip.

And on a slightly more bizarre level, have any of you seen, let alone heard of "Night of the Carrots?" It's a wacky, twisted and bizarre 30 minute (Bulgarian?) animation that has so much to say, in too little time. What can i say? The acid-inspired madness is simply amazing, complementing the kitsch artistry to no end.

A Sado-maso siamese twin? Absoloutely Brilliant! Nipples as elevator buttons? I'm caring less and less about sounding exited...
I think that Miyazaki has porbably made he most beautifull Animes, and some of the greatest too, like Sen no Chichiro eller Mononoke Hime.

But Metropolis is also a ver good anime too that I love and pretty astoniching. That and Ghost in the Shell.

Those are probably my 4 favorite animes of all time, and some of the most beautifull out here.
When I heard of Metropolis I thought it would be an anime version of the 1929 Fritz Lang silent film of the same name - one of my all time favourite movies. While I can see some similarities (are they even intentional?), it is very different. I agree though, a totally enjoyable anime - great music too.