Mp3 no longer free?

MP3 no longer free??

yeah right
, it's just like metallica's big halt on the free shareing of their music. They made an impact but you can still get it all over the place.

What will they do about all the current and previous MP3 software encoders, get rid of all of them and make it so you can't download one off the net.
Seriously, I don't think it will mean much, people that want MP3 will get it, but it will push new free fromats more quickly into the public. Makeing MP3 a thing of the past, that will take quite some time though
Looks like Ogg Vorbis will be the way to go.

But these royalites are only going to be charged on new products, aren't they?

Plenty of current software supports mp3s. Mp3 won't die off quite yet.
I guess I don't understand how that could possibly work. People can still use old software to create and use MP3s. This will only kill the format. If they wanted to make money off it they should have pulled this a long time ago, right when it was first getting big. Time for something better!
Actaully, normal users like us won't have to worry about paying for an mp3 player. Nullsoft is already licensed, according to this website:

I think that Thomson/Fraunhofer are increasing the amount you have to pay, like $.75 per player, or a lump sum of around $50,000 - $65,000, from what I've heard. The only people that will be hurt by this will be the companies offering players (Like AOL/Nullsoft, Microsoft), but I am worried about the open source ones (XMMS for Linux). I wish I could switch to ogg, but its a pretty hard thing to do when you have a lot of mp3s. You have to re-rip everything, otherwise if you try to convert directly mp3->ogg, you lose sound quality. Hopefully, someday we can use an open format, but right now, mp3 is too entrenched, everybody and their grandma is using it
Assuming they sucessfully implement whatever schemes they (whoever the hell "they" are...) use to enforce royalties, I sure won't mind switching to OGG. The quality is undeniably superior to anything MP3 can produce.
or hes got an audigy mp3 card

mp3 sound totaly diferent on that

ive got 7 sound cards and only the audigy mp3 sounds like a cd

also what is oog vorbis? that thing came with the audigy but i thougth it sucked when i checked it out -- i'll have to install it again -- i thought it was a money making gimick there was something about it like that-- well i'll install it again, but if someone knows where to get a better one that dosent ask to register or conect to some server let me know
The only thing is that there are already tons of MP3 enabled electronics out there already. My DVD player and CD walkman can all play MP3. I'm not going to switch over to Ogg Vorbis unless my players play them. I hardly ever listed to music on my computer.
Well speaking of mp3s, interestingly, the RIAA's website was hacked today.

For a short time today you were able to download mp3s from the website itself.
Is this all just a beat up?

A spokesperson for Thompson Multimedia says Ogg Vorbis are just using a slight change in Website wording to gain publicity and that freely distributed software decoders will remain royalty free. ???
The opt-out is still there, as of the change of their liscense they can now technically charge anyone, and most believe that was their intention till the shit hit the fan, now they're claiming the change was just for hardware decoders. So why would free hardware decoders have to play a liscense fee and software not? Sounds like fraunhaufer is just trying to cover their asses to me.
Skank: What the hell MP3 encoding quality you listen to?
256 sounds the same as my CD's. Maybe you're listening to MP3's made by people with shitty encoders at shitty rates