My upscale realeases thread (i need for help)

hi everyone! there is thread for my upscaled anime episode releases, what i'll share one day.
title i choosed first is bleach. blu-ray sets by viz have few kinda problems as:
  • overbuffed sharpness - lots of image banding
  • episodes rendered at 23fps (don't preserve the 30fps scenes)
  • 2:4 pulldown on some scenes
All kinda of this troubles i aware from forum-members who owned this stuff already (sure i read this, but can't find this thread)

therefore i thought make a homebrew blu ray xd
my process started from meeting upscale labs/software (topaz ai, waifu2x) - from this a waifu2x is choosed one.
so waifu2x is not only one a soft i used - first of all had to use premiere pro, then used a tool sharpen with 50 amount, than make a less of blur and better edges
here is few frames for comparison (upscaled have a res at 1440x1080; look down below)

a bit later i'll upload a full ep1... but i can't fix jpeg-banding, denoise this using handbrake. handbrake with denoise ruins details in image sequence.
therefore i post this to receive a replies with help.
guys, it there any high-spec at debanding, compressing a video without a quality-less?


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