Need help with 4MB Action Replay Plus

I have been searching for a LONG time on how to fix my problem.

I have a V-saturn with mod-chip and an Action Replay Plus 4MB AUTO cart. I have read a few posts about how there is an older version of the product and is not compatible with vampire savior. I probably have that...

But i have also read posts on how there is a way to make vampire savior compatible with the older version. I am not very good with technical things, but I have no access to a newer version of the cart at the moment, and i would really like to play vampire savior.

Is there a way to make it compatible or do I have to buy another cart?

Can anyone help me?
I don't know if you can make Vampire Saviour compatible with the cart, but you should be able to make the cart compatible with Vampire Saviour. Before you hack up your cart double- and triple-check that you actually have the older version.
Thank You very much for this information

I will try to do as the site suggests. I really appreciate your help.