New Program

Yeah it will. Just have to figure out why the mode 2 files aren't being built properly. It doesn't cause any serious problems with Snatcher(the speech dialogue just sounds a little screwed up), but nothing plays in Langrisser III, and in some spots in crashes.

Cyber Warrior X
You are on the right track, and that is enough to know you will acomplish it. If you need beta testing, please ask me and I will do some hapilly (besides Snatcher I mean)
Yeah sure. Basically I just need people to try recreating discs that use xa adpcm, mpeg streams, etc. So basically any Dual Mode disc. If you need any of the tools(I know vcdbuild is hard to find), just let me know and i'll upload them some place.

The best way of testing the output is to use a program like isobuster and extract a file from the mode 2 track in raw mode from both the original disc, and from the one you built. Then do a quick hex compare. Check the file in 2352 byte chunks. The two main areas of each sector that -should- match are at offset 0x00000010-0x00000017 and offset 0x00000018-0x0000092B. I'll go into more detail if you're still interested.

Cyber Warrior X
OK, i will check it out tomorrow evening.. has been a hard weekend going to the TV Station next to the Volcano