Nintendo Gives UK University Dev Tools

Bolton Institute of Higher Education - Andrew Williams

BSc/HND Computer Games Software Development

Liverpool John Moores University - Dr Qi Shi

BSc Computer Games Technology and MSc Computer Games Technology

Oh there two Uni's I wana try applying for!!! ;)

I wana do a games course too


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very un-Nintendo-like

I'm impressed

Hope this works out for the best for both Nintendo, the Dev community, and the gaming community


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There's actually a college in Canada that specializes in game development and has had a partnership with Nintendo for years. Nintendo may be run by control freaks, but they're businessmen first, and they know careers don't last forever...


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Originally posted by ExCyber@Sep 23, 2003 @ 09:32 PM

Nintendo may be run by control freaks...

Your not refering to the game review tv show "control freaks" are you? ...

*hopes not* *shudders*

EDIY - stuffed up quote :rolleyes:


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When the Playstation was new, some universities in England and one in Sweden were offering courses where they used Sony hardware. However I don't remember if they used Yaroze kits or professional devkits.

Now, if Nintendo would only figure out how to make their kits piracy-proof and start selling them to everyone..