No more swap trick?!!

I asked this question in a computer geek forum. I never seen it in any faqs on this site so maybe all the saturn swappers just never thought about it? by rvddx at 6:42 pm on Dec. 21, 2001)
and what game would you butcher to try it?

( ill bet someone says revolution x)

i dont think it would work anyway, since the copy protection ring would be too far from the lens to be read correctly

just get a modchip :)
I would cut the outer edges of the cdr off. Then i would put it in the saturn, and put an original saturn one on top of it. so every cd i make i would need to cut into a squarey shape. If the laser isn't strong enough maybe doing the read cdrw mod will make it strong enough?
I think someone brought this up a while ago before...what the hey its your call if you wanna butcher a cd for it. For what it's worth once u get the hang of doing the swap trick it's a piece of cake.
the laser would not be able to focus on both discs, and you can't even put 2 CDs in without the top one falling/slipping, AFAIK. plus, do you really want to spend half a day per game carving it down to fit?
Someone on that forum points at the use of those smaller sized cd's, would it work if those are used? How many data can you possible store on those smaller sized cd's? I've never used them so I have no clue.

Well, i thought of this a long ass time ago, i butchered an extra copy of sega rally championship i had (i had 2), i did the outer ring thing, but reflecting on how long that took me to do, i simply said fuck this bs and bought a modchip, and the saturn engine can't spin two cd's very well at once anyways.
Well I cut off the outer edges of rayman and radiant silvergun and had an offical saturn game on top. it wouldn't work. that door is closed then.
What you would really need to do would be both cut the outer bit of the copied game and the security ring off the official game and attach the copy to the inside of the ring. This way every thing is at the same height.
with a gap in it that is large enough to make the laser freak (even if cut perfectly, it'd be equal to a gigantic scratch).
But does the laser 'scan' all the way to the outer ring or does it jump there?

If it jumped, it might not 'see' the join.

But then you could always get a modded saturn...
I'm pretty sure that the laser needs something to track while it's moving. I'm not familiar with the details, but during the security check there's a definite difference in the behavior of the reader between CD-Rs that use the entire disc and those that use only a smaller portion. The ones using the full disc behave almost normally, while the ones with a large unrecorded portion cause the drive to start doing odd things.