Panzer Dragoon crashes during intro animation

On my copy of Panzer Dragoon, it always crashes during the intro animation right after he finishes chasing hte sand horshoe-crab-thingies. I wondered if anyone else has this problem, or if it's just my copy of the game. The rest of the game seems to play fine. Too bad I didnt' notice within the first 90 days. There aren't any bad scratches on the disc, just normal light ones that all used games have.

On a somewhat related note, I thought I was really lucky once when I found a copy of Panzer Dragoon II Zwie disc lying on the floor by the electronics section of a thrift store. Looks like they were probably using it to test out CD players or something and had absolutely no idea what it was. I got it of course, but it was so badly scratched up that it won't even be recognized as a game :sigh


Probably a scratch. Keep in mind the disc may have been resurfaced before you got your hands on it -- my copy of Guardian Heroes does the same thing, but it's been resurfaced so you can't really see any scratches on the disc.