PDS - If you still Belive

So, how did you all like it? I tried to make it good quality video and audio wise, but because im not realy experianced in how to properly encode videos, the file size sort of large.

If you havn't dl'd it yet, please do. If enough people like it I may make another Saturn music vid for you all.
LoL...I didnt even look
well others wont have to now
Fabrizo: The choice of footage and song used weren't bad. I think what sat985 is trying to tell you is that you should've encoded the video component using a DivX codec. As for the audio component, I noticed that it took up 7.34MB and it's 4 bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo PCM. You could've compressed the 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo version of the same audio using 192 kbps MP3 compression, for example, and knocked the size for the audio component down to about 4 MB. It's all about efficiency: keeping the size of the file down while maintaining quality.
Well, after reading up on divx, I managed to compress the entire video down to 12 megs with very minimal reduction in quality. Once I can get ahold of Ice the current version will be removed and the newer, smaller, version of the video will take its place. I also have another music video finished which will be (hopefully, depends if ice likes it or not) put up at the same time.