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Well I had to do it, I saw the nice little box, and thought to myself, hey what the hell its only 30 bucks. So I say to you guys if you have a GBA go buy Phantasy star collection the gameplay is true to the old sms and genesis. And the sounds are all still there. This game is a must have, for any GBA owner. My only gripe is that they left out 4. but I read somewhere it was a size limitation. heck who knows, still thought go get this game, it is well worth it relive some classic times from the good old days...


a nomad and a game gear, don't forget ps for sms...
Originally posted by schi0249@Nov. 25 2002, 4:21 pm

Plus you need the GG to SMS adaptor. And working copies of the games. My copy of PS no longer saves.

Then you need to open it up and change the battery.
or you could just go play it on a genesis with a powerbase convertor which can be obtained for not much money.
I'd rather play phantasy star 1 on the gba, more portable version, I can truly keep in in my pocket and play it. the game gear is too bulky of a system to play ps on and with the master gear adapter and the actual sms cart, its just too big.
Originally posted by gameboy900+Nov. 25 2002, 7:02 pm--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(gameboy900 @ Nov. 25 2002, 7:02 pm)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-schi0249@Nov. 25 2002, 4:21 pm

Plus you need the GG to SMS adaptor. And working copies of the games. My copy of PS no longer saves.

Then you need to open it up and change the battery.[/b][/quote]

Hey. My copy of Shining Force has that same problem. What the hell kind of screwdriver or nutdriver can I use to get those screws out of the back of a Genesis cartridge?
psc on the gba really pisses me off for a number of reasons

mainly ps2, because that's one of my favorite games and any faults in a conversion of it become instantly and painfully obvious to me

fault 1: the sound sucks compared to the original version, i blame the gba soundchip which kinda sucks itself, even w/headphones i have yet to hear really good music on any game. the only one that i've played that evens comes close to sounding decent is golden sun

fault 2:it's a portable system, there is the possiblity that you need to actually turn the damn thing off on a moments notice, yet the adaptation team didn't see fit to alter the save system in anyway, which means you can be out trekking in a dungeon (prior to shir stealing the visaphone) and be literally 2-3 hours away from returning to a town and saving your game making it unplayable as the lack of a backlit screen does

fault 3: they went ahead and used the original shitty u.s. translation instead retranslating it, damn

and uhhh... ps4's missing

so as much as i love the phantasy star series think long and hard before buying this cart
even with all it's "flaws", I would urge all to buy this game. If you like the Phantasy Star series, I believe you would want to keep the development dollars flowing and a definite show of interest in the series would again urge Sega to keep the series going and to develop new games based upon the series. maybe even ones closer to the original stories than PSO.

my 2 cents
googlefest1 Posted on Nov. 26 2002, 11:23 am

i dont think they would retranslate any older games

no, they wouldn't, but that's the kind of thing that would show that they actually gave a fuck about quality and would've made me purchase a copy on release instead of saying that it's a total waste of time and money
How much of the problems are due to Sega, who licensed the game to THQ. Or are the problems from THQ who made the game?