Phantasy Star: Generation 1 Preview.


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wow man, that looks great, too bad its on the ps2, but I will still get a copy... noce job man.. good find!!



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shit again a PS2 game :angry: , why Sega makes so much games on that console ??? I have neither a PS1 nor a PS2 and I don't plan to buy a PS2.
I posted this in the General forum. :blink:

I didn't really think it was "Newsworthy"

too bad its on the ps2

Would it be better if it was never remade?

They want to make the most profit so they put it on the console that has sold the most.

Not only that, but the PS2 owns the RPG market.

Smart business move by Sega, that doesn't happen very often. ;)


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actually, I am very glad its being made, my only desire is that it be made on a quality system (not an inferior one),also ps2 has a couple of rpg's unfortunately xbox doesn't have alot of rpg's, but that doesn't make ps2 a better system than the xbox. xbox is the better system (sorry thats another, oh well. I am glad its comming out though.