please help me

i have a problem but it's hard to explain so please try to understand.

so it's like this these to day i burned 2 games and they both had this problem:

the first game has the problem in the opening movie when there is a song and every time the singer starts to sing a new line it kinda repeats the first word twice for ex: to,tokiki mori yu,yunoshi i hope you understand what i mean however ther are no such problems in the game.

the second game has the same problem during the gameplay but i didn't play the game far to see if the problem continues.

what couuold cause the problem is it just a bad rip or is there something bad with my burner, my burner is quite new so i hope it's not it, please help me if you can
my analysis is its probably the media used to burn the games. I've found some cdr's play better than others. Try burning the game onto a differnt brand of cdr media. Other possibilites could be a bad rip, fading saturn laser.. etc. Try burning it on a different cdr brand would be my first suggestion.
i always used this cdr brand and as i said in the first game only in the opening has that problem and my other games play fine,do you say that it can't be the burner?
It sounds like it could be a bad rip.

You can try burning it again at a lower speed.

It might help, but then again it might not. Won't know until you try.