power not working

every time i go to turn on the power (model one saturn...), the green power light blinks on and off, but nothing else happens. it is not putting out a signal of any kind. any idea what is the likely cause of this?

if it helps, there is a language switch on it, but i'm not sure if that's related to the problem. i opened the system up, and none of the wires seem to be causing any problems... everything looks okay in that regard, and it doesn't seem to be shorting anything out.

just wondering if this sort of power issue is something that anybody else has had. otherwise, i guess i'll try removing the language switch, and see if that was indeed the problem. i just don't want to go to all the trouble if it's something else, you know?
The Saturn has nothing like a flashing light error code system. On a model one Saturn that light simply indicates disk access.

Because it is flashing and the unit is not functioning I would conclude that there is something wrong with your system.

Seriously though, check that the CD unit is properly connected to the main board (via both the ribbon and power cables) - this may solve your problem, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Did you fit the language switch? Has the unit ever worked properly? Removal of the switch may solve your problems if it was incorrectly fitted in the first place.

In short, I am not aware of any common problems that may cause your Saturn to behave in this way - it could be just about anything...
on a model one, isn't disc access shown by the red 'access' light? and it isn't a strong blink on the power light... more like a slow fading one. the green light comes on for a split second, and then fades out...

either way, if it's not something anybody has heard of going worng, i guess i'll tear out the language switch, and patch the jumpers directly. maybe that's all there is problem-wise. as for the cables and such, all of that is in place.

i know that the system used to work, but a friend of mine has had it for a while, and he's moved a couple of times. maybe he's just jostled it a bit too hard somewhere along the line.

i guess i just would have expected to get something on the tv screen in the case of most errors, but there's nothing. not even the power surge that usually occurs if you turn on a console that isn't plugged in, but still holds some power. so it's like there is no power at all reaching any of the crucial parts.

regardless of what ends up happening, i'll post my results here...
tore it out, redid the switch myself, mounted it differently, everything works. i'm not sure who did it last time, but it all works fine now. all is well. thanks for the help anyway...