PSO network trial demo for PC

if anyone wants to see how Sonic Team are doing with the ultimate port...

WARNING it's 86mb (or somthing like that...)
UPDATE 1 OF 2......just so you all don't download it and find it don't run, here is the lowdown (as in the readme file).

Mimimum Requirements :

Operating System : Windows 98/Me/2000/XP with DirectX 8.1 or higher

CPU : Pentium III (or compatible) 450 MHz

RAM : 64MB

Hard Drive Space : 125MB

Video Card : DirectX certified video card with at least 8 MB of video RAM

Sound Card : DirectX certified sound card

Keyboard, Mouse

Recommended :

CPU : Pentium III (or compatible) 700MHz or faster

RAM : 128MB or greater

Video Card : DirectX certified video card with 16 MB of video RAM or greater

Game Control Pad with 6 or more buttons (Microsoft SideWinder GAME PAD PRO recommended)

Windows2000 computers may deny installation of the Network Trial Edition of PHANTASY STAR ONLINE, depending on your current user level

Recommended video cards :


nVIDIA GeForce series


Video cards that will allow you to play the game with minor graphical problems:

Matrox G400/G450

Video Logic PowerVR KYRO/KYRO II

Intel i810/815

ATi Rage 128PRO

The Network Trial Edition of PHANTASY STAR ONLINE disallows you from ALT+TAB-ing out of and back into the game.

Some applications (such as mailing software and virus-monitoring software) may override (minimize) the game if left running in the background. SO TURN EM OFF!

Online Mode Problems

The game fails to connect to the PHANTASY STAR ONLINE server after selecting "ONLINE GAME" from the main menu :

The Network Trial Edition of Phantasy Star Online has a limit on

1) the time(s) at which players can connect to the game server(s)


2) the maximum number of players that can connect to a game server.

Thus, depending on

1') the time at which players attempt to connect to the game server(s)


2') the current traffic on the game server(s),

as well as

3') the current traffic on the Internet,

players may experience difficulties in or be unable to connect to the game server(s).

You experience sudden in-game slowdowns or connection failures :

(on a LAN connection)

Your network settings may need adjustment, or your LAN connection may be experiencing problems. Please contact your network administrator.

(on a Dial-Up connection)

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider)'s connection may be experiencing problems (often due to high traffic). Please attempt to connect to the server again.

Note : The PHANTASY STAR ONLINE server itself may be experiencing a high level of traffic, possibly causing problems with your connection.

Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) may not support connection to the PSO servers. Please contact your ISP for details.

well thats your lot!....there is more info in the read me........(controlls ETC...)
I tried this out last night. Works decent on my machine (PIII 800mhz). I wish they had higher res modes because it looks exactly like playing PSO on a dc with a vga adapter.

It was a little hard to connect to a server but once I did get on it was pretty neat.

Everyone should get this game for your pc.

I believe that it uses specific PC PSO servers...well at least maybe for now. If someone can clarify this? I haven't played it much since I haven't had much time but as time progresses I'm sure it will allow PC users to play with DC, Gamecube users as well at least I hope.

I'm usually on as Kyosuke75 if anyone sees me say "hello"

Yes, the Network Trial is a PC ONLY server...tho all you Deramcast users enjoy PSO online while you still have it....I have heard that half of the servers will be closing down at the end of the month.......
According to an article I saw reposted on Usenet, all Dreamcast net-games will be free until the end of the year, at which point Sega will decide whether to continue supporting the games or pull the plug on them. But yeah, some of the DC PSO servers will be closed and replaced by GC servers.
Hi all.

Sorry to bump such an old topic.
I am looking for this file: PSOn-setup.exe (86.4mb).

Does anyone still have this demo? Can't seem to find it anywhere anymore, neither using internet archive.