ok I suppose all of you guys are getting gamecube right?

none of you are getting xbox right? please answer me, because I cant believe xbox is becoming pupular.

I think gamecube will rule, especially since sega is coming to that platform. SEGA/NINTENDO RULE!
PS2 will win (if you don't know why, look at my picture, and think of that company :)) XBOX will probably be like Saturn. It'll get a cult following (like us :)), but it'll be the first to go probably. As for GameCube, there's only one game worthy of buying that: Metroid Prime. :)
i think ps2 will be like the saturn, consider it hard to program, but its getting alot of good games this are really agrogant about xbox of thinking it is god! Gamecube is taking it easy, not much of selling out like xbox(i don't like sell out)like making preorder a whole year before the system comes out.The only problem is still lack third party development games announce,only with capcom with resident evil deal.for ps2 it true without square sony would not be so hot,I love square but i hate that they are sucking sony's cock and not making games on any aother console!
I really don't understand why the all the negative vibes about the Xbox...If it is about the games, then the Xbox wins hands least in my heart. Being a Sega fan It might be hard to get all the great games and if you're like me, you'll be forced to buy only one console. Xbox simply has more bang for your buck.

I know, I know...It's Microsoft...Vermin of the computer age. But, quite frankly the ONLY thing that matters to me is that I get the most for my money. With Xbox I get everything I could possibly want...

Internet play, dolby digital suround in-game, Panzer Dragoon (plus MANY games that interest me), Hard Drive, etc...

If I were to get a Gamecube now, I would get ONE game...Rouge Squadron 2. Literally nothing else interest me. Maybe it is simply personal taste that will determine who will "win" or "lose" these console wars. Nintendo will survive because somebody out there wants to play Mario and Xbox will survive because there are people like me that are tired of playing Mario.
I love square but i hate that they are sucking sony's cock and not making games on any aother console!
yeah same here. Square is GOD of the gaming industry, by they piss me off, now that I'm such a big Sega fan (for about a year now, thanks to my Saturn :))
I won't waste my money on ANY new system anytime soon.

PS2 is crap, and sony treats their customers as crap too. there's more design flaws in that thing than anything else.

xbox, blah. didn't see an interesting thing for that yet.

gamecube, might have been my choice.. hadn't nintendo decided to leave out RGB and add the useless YUV instead. now I'd have to buy a 200$ YUV->RGB converter, or a new TV, to play the US system. which it is NOT worth. so, nintendo gives me the finger, I give them the finger, fuck the cube too.

I'll stick to SNES RPGs,DC games and NeoGeo for now. plenty of good stuff there.
I have to agree with Arakon.

I think that modern entertainment solutions don't yet offer the potential or scope of already existing ones.

Maybe I talk this way because of the burden of my age, but I still find games for older systems to offer plenty of unexploited entertainment value: the SNES has great RPG that could still teach a lesson or two to more recent half-hearted attempts; the Genesis has, I believe, truly astounding action titles that reflected the speedy arcadey nature of the machine's hardware; the Neo-Geo gave some tough competition to Capcom's CPS2-hardware-based beat'em ups.

Besides all this, am I the only one to consider heavily 3D-based games a nuisance to play with today's 2D controllers?
I agree that PS 2 will do good, but thats because they have SQUARE, and WORKING DESIGNS. But the fact remains that nintendo will win because they have 2 consoles out there. And everybody wants to develope for advance, did you see that square is remaking all FF's and placing them on advance?, thats why nintendo will win in the long run. Its called DOUBLE INCOME buddy, nintendo is smart. thats all I gotta say about that topic!
the 1 thing im most looking forward to is how long it will take the emulation comunity to get working and playable emulators of the Xbox out (i predict within 3-6 months after the Xbox launches)

if they pull that off (and i am very confident someone will) then all i will need to do is spend some cash to upgrade my computer, and BOOM i got a kick ass PC gaming system and an Xbox system all in 1 baby!! and since my computer been needing an upgrade anyways for awhile now it will be win win!!!
OK, working designs is becoming better

than square for me, my favourite games

are FF1 to 7, but becuase the series is

leaving the anime highlights, Im gonna

have to find a new game series!!!! now

if only they'll make another LUNAR!!!!!!!
Working Designs is not the developer of Lunar; they translated/localized it (inserting as many jokes as possible without completely ruining the dialogue) and published it in North America. The Lunar games are developed by Game Arts.
well I still hope that another lunar is made. besides the cheesy gamegear magic school. please let them

make a new LUNAR!
I'm with Arakon, except since I have NTSC and potential VGA boxes for the units are coming (or are here), I'm not really concerned about the video. So I can make a choice based on the fact that all systems are compatable with my equipment. The choice?

Still up in the air. I've got a feeling that the first system I'll get will be Gamecube. Sony has really pissed in the face of their largely idiotic (yet massive) customer base, and Microsoft has fucked them in the ass. That gives Nintendo, and don't think I forgot about the NES price fixing! Nintendo is the only platform producer left that is ALL games, from day one. Microsoft is an OS monopoly and Sony is a maker of shitty radios. Fuck the two of them.
Nintendo is the only platform producer left that is ALL games, from day one.

And don't forget that day one for Nintendo came decades (almost half a century IIRC) before day one for Sony or Microsoft, and Microsoft only made as much money as they have so fast because they got an OS monopoly handed to them by IBM, making them the standard OS vendor on the PC (which few expected would be so popular or last so long). Not that I believe that Microsoft wouldn't exist without IBM; if Nintendo was games from day one, MS was money from day one (in fact, I think Gates may have sent out the first ever "stop pirating our software, you dirty thieves" letter, in 1976; I'd imagine that accusing your customers, even accurately, of theft is not the way to make money...).
I'm planning to buy a xbox in about a year or two. I have to play doa3, the new wolfenstein, doom3, airforce delta one, metal gear x & a few others.

I just buy portable consoles from nintendo since the NES, and this isn't going to change.

And I need a ps2 in the future for a few psx and ps2 titles which I'm interested.
k I am gonna go PC, I am sick of xbox.

gamecube has little to few real games worth

buying, and PS2 sux, not because of the good

adventure games. But there r no RPGS for

ps2, maybe a few but still, I like my PC
Did you just say that you'll be buying an XBox to play Doom III and RtCW? KICK ASS!!! Well, when you really do think about it, id would probably port their games to XBox since it's so much like a PC. (We need a gaming console that's like a Mac :))
you know what the scary thing is though, buying an Xbox and ports of PC games for the Xbox would be cheaper then upgrading my PC to play PC games smoothly!

think about it, the xbox is cheaper then a geforce 3 card, yet it has not only a geforce 3 card in it but a solid system (CPU, ram etc) to go along with that,

if i wanted to upgrade my PC to be able to run Halo smoothly it would cost between $500-700 dollars (canadian), whereas buying an Xbox and Halo would be at least $100 cheaper (canadian)

thats 1 of the few reasons why an Xbox is actually becoming an attractive buy for a console, despite the fact that i hate microsoft
plus the fact that the Xbox has the 2 critical things already in it that actually makes it the best system for the money, it has a hardrive and broadband adapter

if you want those 2 things for the ps2 it would cost a LOT more along with the system cost, a gamecube and broadband adapter would almost certainly end up costing the same as an Xbox as well,

thats another reason why the Xbox is slowly becoming appealing to me (plus the fact that i have ADSL right now, so i could hookup the xbox the second i bought it, too bad though that xbox online games are a ways off still)