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Section One - The Rules:

1. No requests for games!

This means that members are not to use the boards to request the download of a game for any system. Ever. Don't do it.

2. Be considerate of others!

In the interests of keeping the conversations civil here on the forums, we ask that you treat other members with respect. Specifically, this means you do not have the right to be abusive, racist or sexist to anyone else here. Keep your opinion of other members to yourself if it means you are going to write abusive things about them. This is not a site for flame wars. Excessively vulgar language - especially the when used in an aggressive manner - is not welcome here. We do not run a language filter (nor do we intend to) and don't mind the occasional use of it where it is warranted.

3. All Xbox, PS1/PS2, Nintendo and PC piracy posts will be followed by a ban!

We do not support piracy for these systems at this site. All questions relating to downloading and copying games and applications for these systems will result in a ban. Go elsewhere for this stuff. Homebrew development discussions on these systems will be allowed, but do not turn discussions into piracy threads.

4. Use the correct forum for relevant questions.

Not so much a rule, but doing so makes the job of maintaining the forum easier for the admins and moderators.

Section Two - The Consequences:

All members have a warning level associated with their user account. Your current warning level can be seen when you post a message on any of the forums. Everyone starts with warning level of 0. Currently we have it setup so that you can have a maximum of 3 warnings without consequence. Upon receiving a 4th warning, your right to post will be revoked.

Anyone who receives the maximum number of warnings will be banned permanently. There will be no second chance for these members. By the time you've exhausted the patience of the staff of the forum that many times, you can expect no less. Permanently banned members will also have their IP added to the banned list so that you may not easily sign up again.

In most cases, breaching the rules will mean that your warning level is raised another notch. Both mods (of their own forums) and admins (sitewide) can increase your warning level. In some cases, if the breach is particularly bad, you may find yourself instantly (temporarily) banned. This will probably also affect your warn level. Only site admins can ban members instantly, and the duration of bans may last a couple of days, to a couple of weeks. In the event of a ban or warning you will be publicly informed of the rule breach and the post that broke the rule. If it is appropriate, the topic that you were warned in may also be locked at that time.

These rules are in place to keep SX running smoothly. Really, there is nothing surprising here and our aim is for you to reasonably self-moderate what you say. We do not tolerate idiots, trolls or bullshitters easily here, so we advise you to read and understand these rules so that your first (and later) posts do not offend.

Ignorance is not an excuse and the rules apply site wide. Any other rules listed in other forums also apply site wide
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