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Hey guys, my battery in my Saturn died a month ago, and I'm finally getting around to getting a new battery on Wedneday. Do brand matter? I noticed an Engergizer one that I'm wanna buy. Will Energizer work fine? Will it last longer than my old one (less than 3 years, I think it was a Panasonic Battery)? Hm...
It's fine. Energizer, Duracell, whatever. It is an extremely common battery. The first time I replaced mine, I bought a $5 one at Radio Shack. It lasted less than a year. I've had a Energizer in there now for about 18 months, but haven't played much. Just luck of the draw, I guess.
I don't think it'll matter all that much, the battery type the saturn uses really isn't focused on by any battery company (as compared to the AA/AAA competition between duracel&energizer) - I highly doubt that it would make a profound impact (not even more than a month). I bought a cheap radioshack one when I got my saturn and it'll be a year in less than a month (sad how I know this better than the length of my relationship with my g/f

I don't remember the brand of the battery that first came with my Saturn, but it lasted around two years and a half and boy how I used my Saturn at that time.

Then I got a Panasonic one and it lasted around the same amount of time, even thought I played very little during that time.

Now I'm using one that I don't recall the name (I think it's something like Cromwell) and I hope it lasts at least a couple of years, even thought I get them fairly cheap (I bought this last battery for 4 Reais, which is around 1,30 dollars).
i really don't think there's going to be a noticable difference of battery life between brand names.

the lithium battery relies on the contiued use of the saturn to retain its charge. if you dont play it the battery will run down quickly.
I bought a cheap radioshack one when I got my saturn

RadioShack (my employer, FWIW) sources CR2032s from several manufacturers (e.g. Toshiba and Renata if my memory's working); what you get from them is probably going to be equivalent to whatever the industry standard is.