Saturn don´t boot !! :(

Hello again people ! :)

After a long time I´m back, almost without time :(

last time I played my saturn was something like 6 months before, the I packed in the original plastics and box and kept in a safe place, today I got it to play a new game (Fatal Fury3), unpacked, put the game, powered and nothing, just spin the cd and keep spinning at "max" speed, no error, no SEGA logo, nothing :(

tried with 2 original´s, a backup and without cd, same thing :eek:mg:

What´s going on ? :huh

thanks !
Sorry about the long (really long) wait (university take almost all the time)

it´s a Model2 (with 64pin IC)

When I power it up the TV bet´s different (like when it´s going to show the Sega logo), but do just this :(

mine doesn´t have the access led :(