Saturn online

Is it still possible to use the Saturn netlink (or anything like it) to go online? I ask because I have a spare saturn that I could lend my cousin (who does not have a PC) so that he can go online.

I just tried going online with my Dreamcast for the first time yesterday (never did it before cuz I have broadband service for PC, so why use dial up) and it worked great. It was actually pretty cool to see, especially on my 32 inch TV instead of my 15 inch monitor. I would lend him my Dreamcast but I still use it often. So I was hoping maybe there was a way with the Saturn.


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Yeah you can surf the web with the netlink. That being said, I can't say I recommend it. It's slow (28k modem IIRC) and the browser is very limited.
Yeah, the main problem is the speed, but also as you cant download any plug-ins or codecs, you cant view alot of pages, which is useless.
Yep it works. But like everyone else has said it is very slow. Even some simple picture formats don't work while surfing the net. It's still kinda cool just to do for the hell of it every now and then.


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I browsed the web with Saturn, too: using a european Saturn, a japanese Modem (14.4k) and an american browser. It would work much faster with a cache.
The saturn's netlink is like a prototype that is why it is very slow, then when sega manufactured the dreamcast they applied the same idea so that the dreamcast can go online too, maybe it's better if you'll lend your dreamcast to your cousin if you have broadband PC