Saturn RPGs


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Hmmm..... Shining the Holy Ark looks/sounds really great. PDS is just too #### expensive. SFIII I REALLY want!

What's Dragon Force like? Is Albert Odyssey any good (looks great to me!)? I have a Saturn Bootleg Sampler (Is it one of the original demo discs? it's dated 1995, and it has demos of Sega Rally, Clockwork Knight II, and World Series Baseball) it has a video of Mysteria on it. Is that an RPG? Looks like a Strategy RPG. What do you guys recommend for RPGs (don't say PDS and SFIII)
Dragon Force is an awesome game, although pretty expensive. You can be one of 8 people (? not sure of how many) and you take control of a kingdom. You expand and attack other kingdoms. It's more of a strategy RPG. I would suggest looking into some of the FTPs to get PDS and SFIII because if you don't want to pay a log of money for these games, yet want them that's what I would do. Luckily I got them when they came out so I don't have that problem :)
Mmmmm well. In my opinion, The best RPG forn the sega saturn is Shining the Holy Ark. It´s turn based (not my favourite kind). I can´t explain why, but I really enjoyed that game. PDS, which is a masterpiece is also one of my favourites. I also love Magic Knights Rayearth (action RPG) and Dragon Force (which I haven´t finished yet). Mystaria /Blazing Heroes is a strategy game more than a true RPG, just like the shining force series. All of them are very good games, I think. I also enjoyed Dark Saviour and I own Grandia and Grandia Digital Museum, but my japanese falls way too short. Same as my english, for I´m spanish. ;) I almost forget Albert Odysey. Very nice game too.

I suggest you to look for ftp sites and download some of those titles.

Thanks everyone out there.