SEGA makes sex toys???

taken from WIRED magazine May 2003:

Better Than a Joystick

No ordinary Peripheral, Sega's moustlike Trance Vibrator pulses in time with its PS2 shooter Rez, emitting vibration four times stronger than the rumble controllers like Son'ys Dualshock. As you advance through the games levels, the tremors intensify. "You can put it anywhere - your foot, your, back, your waist." Says Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Rez's Creator. "It's up to your customers' imagination." And what imaginative customers Sega has. Female gamers in Japan are putting the peripheral between their legs. (No word yet on when it will be available in the States). The company doesn't recommend using the device as a sex toy, but it does come with a washable protective pouch. And with a name like Trance Vibrator, what did Sega expcet? - Chris Kohler

They also had a section about the King of Route 66 called "Sims vs Reality, Big Rig Trucker Breaks it Down".
Yep, my ex-girlfriend bought one of those vibrators every time they were mentioned here and now she has a closet full of them