Sega Plans Outlined From Play

Courtesy of Play Magazine, the first outline of the revised structure at Sega has been released, ending speculation about, well, pretty much everything.

It appears that Sega’s fragmented studios have been gathered into something resembling normal divisions (capable of profit, one might even argue) with very distinct roles.

The first is Global Entertainment Software R&D and is led by Yuji Naka, overseen - as are all new departments - by Hisao Oguchi, and comprises three studios:

GES Dept. 1 (Headed by Akinori Nishiyama [Sonic Advance]): Working on TBA projects.

GES Dept. 2 (Headed by Akira Nishino [Sakura Taisen]): Working on Sakura Taisen V for PS2.

GES Dept. 3 (Headed by Yuji Naka [Sonic: The Hedgehog]): Working on Phantasy Star Universe (platform/s TBA).

The next major aspect of a refined Sega is the New Entertainment R&D which breaks down as follows:

NE Dept. 1 (Headed by Toshihiro Nagoshi [Daytona U.S.A.]): Working on SpikeOut: Battle Street for Xbox and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.

NE Dept. 2 (Headed by Yu Suzuki [Virtua Fighter, Shenmue]): Working on Shenmue Online for Japan/Asia.

Arguably the New Entertainment represents the most important and familiar elements of Sega feared lost. As to what will become of Shenmue Online remains to be seen.

Of course, the arcades have not been forgotten, with the coin-op division, formerly drawing on all departments, now confined to Amusement Software R&D, overseen by Hiroshi Kataoka.

AS Dept. 1 (Headed by Atsushi Seimiya [Shinobi]): working on new arcade titles and technology.

AS Dept. 2 (Headed by Hiroshi Kataoka [Fighters Megamix]): Working on new arcade titles and technology.

AS Dept. 3 (Headed by Mie Kumagai [Virtua Tennis]): Working on new arcade titles and technology.

Sega then has smaller offshoot studios looking after Racing games (Sega Rally 2005) Sports games - seemingly concentrated on baseball games for the Japanese market - and family entertainment, making what looks to be insane games about collecting beetles! Next comes Sega’s Mobile Content division creating software for mobile phones and PDA and of course, the Sonic Heroes famed Sega Studio USA. Sega’s last offering is Sega Studio China which is thought to be focusing on online content for China (well, duh!) and Korea.
Where's the PS2 thing coming from? If anything, I'd imagine it's coming to PS3.

Apparently, the May issue of EGM is going to feature an article on PSU. The preview says:

We'd like to keep your nail-biting conditon under control, but the anticipation of Sega's PSU might leave your cuticles screamning for help. Yes, we know we're going to be hitting you with another action-RPG, but it is not our fault that this is one of the best looking game we have ever seen. Phantasy star Online gave us our first real-time online console game and surprisingly hit a home run on its first swing -- you can't chalk that up to beginner's luck. We don't want to give too much away about online play and profile configuration, but we're going to leave you with one word: breasts.

I don't know quite what they mean, but it sounds good. I can't remember though, is EGM a trustworthy game magazine?


More on topic, I have a question for the more knowledgeable folks on this site.

Any idea where Smilebit is going in this new division of people? They made some of my all-time favorite games, and previously Sega had them making Japan-only sports games. Totally lame move. I want Jet Set Radio 3 and Panzer Dragoon 5. :bow
I seem to remember it being announced for all three consoles. At the very least, Gamespot still has a PSU page up for all three consoles, with a TBA release date for all of them.
I'm still convinced that sega will, some day, show up again in the console market whether it be an all-out sega console or simply a joint effort with another company.
Originally posted by Gallstaff@Wed, 2005-03-09 @ 08:34 PM

I'm still convinced that sega will, some day, show up again in the console market whether it be an all-out sega console or simply a joint effort with another company.

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Same here.

I'm thinking a joint effort though.