sega saturn: cotton 2 is it good?

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Cotton 2 is an EXCELLENT game with 2D gfx smooth as butter. I've never played Cotton Boomerang and don't bother to get it since I got Cotton 2 first.

On a related note, does anybody play Cotton 2 with a 4MB RAM cartridge? Supposedly the extra RAM enhances the graphics, but by how much? Is the difference noticeable/worth getting a cart for?

(I got a 1MB cart, then found out Cotton 2 needs 2MB which only a 4MB cart can provide. Grrrr.)
I've played it with and without the ram cart and I really haven't noticed much difference. Even though both Saturn Cotton Games are basically the same there both worth getting. Cotton Boomerang is a remake of Cotton 2. If anyone wants I can rundown the major or minor differences that I know of between the 2 versions?