Sega Saturn emulator made by Sega (?)

It seems it's an online software rental business. You have to get this "CyberDisk" software which allows you to download and play the games for a limited period of time for a fee (though it seems that the Saturn games were free for the first half of the month). The hardware requirements are insane IMO but judging by a Babelfish translation of the rest of the site this is probably a market test.

Note that while the games are undoubtedly licensed by Sega I don't think it's actually them that's providing the service and emulator, though I have no idea whose emulator it is (GiriGiri?)
It wouldn't suprise me if it was Giri Giri Project. The last screenshots I saw seemed to be running Panzer Dragoon Zwei on a 2GHz P4 at full speed...

The Giri Giri site is down at the moment, with just one line of text there.

Babelfish translates it as 'In the midst of new equipment opening of shop preparation!'

Curiouser and curiouser.
2Ghz to play a Saturn game, now imagine for the Dreamcast

and which is that other emulator that work (at 2 fps but work) with a large number of games ? SSF ?