sega saturns (model 2s 32 pin)

ive been puttin in alot of hrs at work so i havent had time to mod saturns like i have been so im sellin some saturns WITHOUT mods im hopin in a month or so i can go back to it but who knows anyways

first saturn comes with 1 controler(model 2) and ac/av also has the box its worn but intact and it includes the sega screams demo.system works great made in july 96 so its a 32 pin ive had alot from july-oct 96 and they have always been i know it sounds bad but i dont really have time to open it up and look im asking $35+ship

the 2nd is a model 2 32pin this one has seen better days the system works great but its missing screws the battery cover and the black piece of the cdrom so when u open the cover u can see around the laser ive included pics so u can see it if u need more let me know this one is system only im asking $15 +ship

ill be listing more parts and another complete model 2 in a week or so just gotta make sure everything works i have two cd roms that work and are model 2(32pin) so im sure a couple of u will grab those i accept paypal only i have great feedback on ebay(shaunenterprises) and alot of people around here know me so just ask around


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