Sega to launch its own Mega Drive Mini


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Following on from the stupendous success of the NES Mini and SNES Mini that Nintendo launched in previous years, Sega has announced that it's going to do much the same with its Mega Drive/Genesis console. The Mega Drive Mini was shown off during Sega's FES 2018 stream and it looks adorable.

Based on the first-generation Mega Drive, it features all of the main styling points of the original console, including its chunky power switches and large, "16-bit" logo on the front. It's of a similar size to the SNES Mini, though we don't know whether the internal hardware is comparable.

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I've read elsewhere that it's supposedly the same AtGames hardware as last year's Flashback HD console, but with improved software. Another question is if they'll have something other than the same games included in all of their other retro collections and hardware.