Sepparated at Birth?

Cloud is kinda cute in that WAY TOO YOUNG FOR ME way.

I wanna pinch his cheeks or something.


Cloud, do not take that as in invitation for anything. If you were cute the other way, I'd want to grab your ass and molest you for a few hours {like I want to maul Skank}.

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Don't you mean Timmy and Dylan? I'm no #### South Park character. I see VERY LITTLE resemblance between Timmy and I.

Oh, and Cynny I don't take that as an invitation. I kinda take that as a compliment. How old are you anyway?
No, I mean Timmy 1 and Timmy 2 as I previously stated in the original post. Timmy 1's arms are flailing around and TImmy 2's Arms are flailing around as well.
I don't see any #### Timmy Two. I see Timmy (from South Park, the most repepitive, and boring show on TV) and Dylan (Myself). And I don't see that South Park fag waving his arms around either. Also, The Fag has blonde hair. I DON'T! Look at my hair. I'd say it looks rather brown. What do you think that looks like? Another thing, you see a #### wheel chair in my pic? NO! I hate being compared to queer stuff like South Park!
Lol thats funny...I thought I knew this guy....yea hes young. ANyways I HIGHLY doubt Cyn or I would give our ages out boys =p Maybe next time ;) Just gotta be good boys ;)
I WANT to say this persons name is "LEE" but I cant put my finger on it.....Does this Pic come from Virginia or was he in VA before?
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They look alike, see what I mean? With their arms flailing around in the air, the same looking facial features, Timmy 1 and Timmy 2.

I'd like all of your input on the matter.

well i dont really see any resemblince

but thats problably as close as you will get with a real person and aminated person
C'mon, leave cloud alone.

I'm sure he doesn't apprecia- Enough of that.

Why doesn't somebody use photoshop and use the liquify effect to make his forhead bigger and his body smaller... i'd do it, but I'm not that mean.